Edible Crayons

Baby is starting to draw, and is grabbing and asking for any pen or pencil she sees. Your ordinary standard pens and pencils however are dangerous pointy things made of highly toxic nasty substances and its not something I relish, seeing her stumbling around chewing on an inky pointy pen. So little Dahling needs some nice eco friendly crayons. I found these nice beeswax ones, but if you are feeling particularly crafty you might try this edible crayons recipe


Lovely Lana

I drool over stuff like this, and so does the baby, for completely different reasons. The great thing about wool is, it is unbelievably forgiving of drool and all kinds of other substances. She can wear her home made woolen dungarees four or five times whereas all the cotton stuff looks filthy by the time breakfast is over. If you have the cash, I cant recommend this company highly enough. If not, you can make similar things out of old jumpers and blankets from charity shops. I’m talking about Beautiful beautiful Lana Bambini.