Magic Elastic

Magic elastic
For how many years will I have to keep picking things up off the floor?

Dearest darling bambina is now at the stage where she has discovered the joy of throwing. She also takes such an interest in things that if she sees a new thing while playing with an old thing, she will drop the old thing having completely and instantly lost interest in it, and grab the new thing. Each thing may entertain for anything between thirty seconds and about ten minutes, so in a day we can get through a lot of things. And a lot of stooping to pick up dropped things. The other day I foolishly allowed her to chew my wallet, which disappeared until the charming people at Star Anise wrote to me to say they had it, and I have lost two pairs of sunglasses (one was discovered by another walker who overtook us on the chalford towpath) and various less significant items.

It’s all getting a bit out of hand (as it were) and notwithstanding the skill, developed in late pregnancy, of picking things up with one’s feet, I propose to develop Magic Elastic TM, which is invisible and non-strangling, and may be attached easily to all things, and thus we can squeeze every last bit of interest from each thing, and more importantly, save my back from an early demise.


Baby Crystal Ball

Tell me what the baby will do today...
Tell me what the baby will do today…

One of the things I find hardest about looking after the baby is the unpredictable nature of her habits. Planning is almost impossible, as she may take a nap at nine for ten minutes or at ten thirty for an hour, and those naps are precious patches of sunlit freedom to sleep, wash, tidy up, or even, the unthinkable Do Some Work. Having to remain so utterly flexible is exhausting and I often need at least twenty minutes for my brain to unscramble and register that I can now focus on something from my own world. By that time she may well awake and bingo! My brain is a pile of fuzzy egg mash again.

A crystal ball would enhance my life enormously.

Baby Joy Bottle

Baby Joy Bottle
Bottle it!

At times, I feel as though this little creature is draining my life force away at an accelerated rate. I am like a salmon that has spawned and is dying, for its offspring and other predators to feed off it’s rotting remains.

But thankfully the baby comes with a kind of inbuilt booster juice which I can only describe as Baby Joy. She just is so charming and funny and happy (most of the time) that you get a fillip looking at her and it’s enough to get you limping on to the next task or moment of the day.

And if you could bottle that sh**, you’d be minted, as they say.

A Baby Cushion

A baby cushion for softer landings
For those times when you are overcome with the desire to throw the baby out of the window.

DISCLAIMER: please do not try this at home. We do not endorse any form of endangerment when it comes to babies.

Baby Toy: Cloth Cube with Bell

Plan for making a cloth cube for baby
Cut the cloth, and have some stuffing and a bell handy

I must get my sewing machine set up as I have an enormous proliferation of sewing projects going on, now I have a new nephew and my own baby keeps growing all the time I need to keep up..!

Until that happens I am still sewing by hand in the moments in between everything. This is a thing I made in one evening at the make and mend evenings which my lovely girls come along to when the old man is on a night shift.

They make a very nice toy for baby who constantly needs new things to explore. Super easy to make by hand, in a single interrupted evening, you can use up cloth scraps. I used those sample pieces you get from fabric shops sometimes. One sample square made two cubes.

They work well because they are pretty, make a noise, are super soft, and allow the baby to practise grabbing a thing. I think it will also make a good toy for a toddler as it can be thrown and kicked like a ball. Of course you could easily adapt it to make balls as well although they might be harder for baby to grab hold of.

I used wool to stuff it, but I imagine old socks, tights, buckwheat, polystyrene, or shredded paper would all probably do just as well.

Baby toy to make at home
Baby seems to like it

Lost Mojo Found

Lost my mojo
Was lost, is found

I went silent on this blog for ages. The baby has grown a lot and probably so have I . It wasn’t that I had no ideas any more, although they were far fewer… I suppose my brain was busy and the mojo got lost. Maybe I was just too tired to notice it.
Anyway, it’s back, a little battered and with a few quirks (one of the dials is stuck and it goes silent without warning now and then, and then comes back on quite loud and suddenly) but I will keep it nearby and try not to lose it again. Thank you to the anonymous person who found it and left under my pillow for rediscovery.