The Perfect Pushchair

(could there be such a thing?)
I feel a bit weird about pushchairs, as I do about many of the abundant baby accessories with which new parents are apparently meant to fill their houses.It seems to me that we live in a very peculiar way and we use a huge quantity of artificial, plastic, manufactured goods to compensate for the lack of simple human and natural interactions that babies have evolved with over the millennia prior to the Victorians, when the modern era of consumption began.

All these goods are sold to us as being very beneficial for the health and development of a baby, from powdered milk formulae to plastic electronic books and endless metallic renditions of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

But I have to note that my own baby seems happiest when surrounded by several familiar people, of different ages, including a few children, and there is some singing together, and a few new objects to play with, and perhaps a puppy or an old cat. In the garden.

This scenario is definitely part of our lives but doesnt happen nearly often enough. A lot of the time we are simply having to go round town to get some food or chores done, and most of the time she is in the care of one adult, and some of the time that is not someone she know particularly well, if we havehired someone to help out. There are a couple of kids round our way but not many. And her parents are the only people prepared to carry her around. She can walk a little but only with help and its very sore on the back for anyone over the age of about ten. So a pushchair does indeed seem a necessity.

So now I am looking for one, and they all seem terribly ugly to me, I despise these black nylon contraptions with fierce pink trim and it baffles me that so many baby clothes are all pretty and fussy with bits and bobs yet prams are designed as if they are part of the Hoxton Apple lovers essential designer gear.

Furthermore the seats look very uncomfortable and the child seems slumped in there, rattling around and unable to participate in the world as when she is being carried up high. THe tyres tend to be small and hard and they usually dont have enough space for our colbber and shopping.

I like the look of those little sort of trike things with a long handle – at least the kid can have some kind of fun and exercise while they are out. But she also needs to be able to nap in the thing which she does actually seem to like.

So I am designing a revolutionary pram, with changeable cloth hoods so you can have the look you want, and designed to allow the child to have more fun as well as being able to sleep.

I also think an electric vehicle might be better but that doesn’t allow for going into shops.

A diagram is pending!

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