Magic Elastic

Magic elastic
For how many years will I have to keep picking things up off the floor?

Dearest darling bambina is now at the stage where she has discovered the joy of throwing. She also takes such an interest in things that if she sees a new thing while playing with an old thing, she will drop the old thing having completely and instantly lost interest in it, and grab the new thing. Each thing may entertain for anything between thirty seconds and about ten minutes, so in a day we can get through a lot of things. And a lot of stooping to pick up dropped things. The other day I foolishly allowed her to chew my wallet, which disappeared until the charming people at Star Anise wrote to me to say they had it, and I have lost two pairs of sunglasses (one was discovered by another walker who overtook us on the chalford towpath) and various less significant items.

It’s all getting a bit out of hand (as it were) and notwithstanding the skill, developed in late pregnancy, of picking things up with one’s feet, I propose to develop Magic Elastic TM, which is invisible and non-strangling, and may be attached easily to all things, and thus we can squeeze every last bit of interest from each thing, and more importantly, save my back from an early demise.


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