Baby Toy: Cloth Cube with Bell

Plan for making a cloth cube for baby
Cut the cloth, and have some stuffing and a bell handy

I must get my sewing machine set up as I have an enormous proliferation of sewing projects going on, now I have a new nephew and my own baby keeps growing all the time I need to keep up..!

Until that happens I am still sewing by hand in the moments in between everything. This is a thing I made in one evening at the make and mend evenings which my lovely girls come along to when the old man is on a night shift.

They make a very nice toy for baby who constantly needs new things to explore. Super easy to make by hand, in a single interrupted evening, you can use up cloth scraps. I used those sample pieces you get from fabric shops sometimes. One sample square made two cubes.

They work well because they are pretty, make a noise, are super soft, and allow the baby to practise grabbing a thing. I think it will also make a good toy for a toddler as it can be thrown and kicked like a ball. Of course you could easily adapt it to make balls as well although they might be harder for baby to grab hold of.

I used wool to stuff it, but I imagine old socks, tights, buckwheat, polystyrene, or shredded paper would all probably do just as well.

Baby toy to make at home
Baby seems to like it

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