Baby-Proofing the Fireplace

Hearthstone fire guard holder
This is an actual technical drawing

I can’t really explain why I stopped inventing things for the past couple of months. Maybe the baby has become so fascinating that I have lost all my creative juices. Or maybe she sucked them all out. No, that can’t be true, because I’ve started a baby book making project…
Maybe it’s just all got more real. The fairyland vibe is fading into the background and this new normal is becoming established. I’m starting to get the thing of ‘I can’t imagine not having her’ that I’ve heard other parents saying.
Anyway, reality tends to bite, and the looming fact is that dear Baby will soon be able to crawl into and towards and over anything she can get her grubby banana-smeared fingers on. And our house is to put it mildly, not very crawl-friendly. Eg
– borax, zinc sulphate, 5kg of salt, 5l acetic acid, and open paint pots stored on the floor of the kitchen (no closed cupboards)
– large heavy drawer containing paint-making equipment at floor level (kitchen again)
– for some reason electrical sockets are invariably at floor level too, even though it’s not only bad for babies it’s also really inconvenient
– the nursery is really a study, with ceiling height open shelves suitable for climbing, and electrical equipment all over the place
– an open fireplace
– a stylish but heavy glass free-standing fire guard

My first attempt to make this place even vaguely suitable for keeping a toddler in is to design a thing to hold the fire guard up without it looking hideous. And I’ve done it in neon sketch, and I think the stonemason has deleted the email thinking it’s some awful viral thing. (Why do all the people I try to hire always just vanish at the quote stage?)

Luckily we’ve also been given a playpen, which I think will be seeing a lot of use in the coming months. At least until she figures out how to knock it down.

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