A Baby Toy You Can Make In A Few Minutes

Make your own baby chew
Make your own baby chew

Even simpler than the Octopus Chew is this little crackly scrap for a baby to chew. I was wondering what they use in baby toys to make that crackly noise. And I have the habit of taking out the windows of envelopes so the paper can go in the recycling (another ridiculous waste of time, if they would just ban window envelopes and make letters self-wrapping). In fact I have collected loads of these windows as they are intended for a painting project I have in mind for one day.
So then I realised the window is crackly, readily available, safe(?) and just the right size for a little thing baby can grab and stuff successfully into her mouth.
I hope you like it and would love to see any chew you make.
Just remember to use non-run cloth: I made the mistake a couple of times of presenting baby with quality street wrappers, and other dye-run items, and it’s probably highly poisonous. I have some samples of organic plant-dyed poplin which I think is ok but a plain unbleached cotton or whatever should also be ok.

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