A Baby Pause

Please may I pause the baby?
Please may I pause the baby?

Now I adore my baby as much as the next mum (see magic portal glasses for details), but I am still not used to quite how relentless she is. She doesn’t really do much, and although she babbles away happily, i seem to have run out of things to say; she can’t walk or crawl, or even sit up on her own, so she just lies there, sort of hanging out with her homies. And yet she takes up almost all the hours of the day. She makes a big hoo ha if I leave her for than a few minutes – she must be getting a lot more out of sitting near me or on me than it appears – but this low key but constant contact can be quite exhausting.

So today I am dreaming of a little pause button so I could clear my head and get some things done all in one go instead of the new fragmented, pick-it-up-and-put-it-down-again way of life that has developed around the babe.

2 thoughts on “A Baby Pause

  1. Anything that is gives you no let up is hard. I’m sure all mothers (and maybe fathers) have been through this. There will come a time when you can get things done and find yourself again.

    1. Thanks Josie I know it will be possible eventually… I am sure we didn’t evolve to have just one adult in sole charge all day either! Four adults/teens per baby seems about right to me. Then it could be really fun and nice all the time.

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