Rocker My Baby

Rocker for the baby
Rocker that should be easy to make

So now we have a baby that grizzles through the evening and wouldn’t be put down but wakes crying unless she lays on my belly all night. In the day, she wants to sit up and see what’s going on, but can’t do it on her own, and always seems to like movement.

This rocker is my sensible solution (there’s a sillier one here) and if I could get my power tools out again I would attempt to make one. As a friend remarked recently ‘it’s unusual that the one minding the baby is also the one who does the DIY’.


2 thoughts on “Rocker My Baby

  1. I’m sure such things exist – it seems so obvious. But maybe there’s been an oversight in the many things manufacturers market for babies.

    1. It may be out there somewhere… I haven’t seen it yet. I did though find some baby bean bags after inventing one. I’m sort of hoping a baby product manufacturer will see these things and get in touch.

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