The Ultimate Sling

Carrying a baby: the answer
I think I might have cracked the baby carrying thing…

Despite a bewildering array of baby-carrying devices on the market, I have not yet found any that are easy to use and comfortable for both carrier and baby. Others clearly will disagree as I have met plenty of people who have no complaint about the various back-breaking, baby-squashing, fiddly, clippety, over-complicated, knotty, saggy, awkward and downright dangerous slings they have been using, with their small but really irritating design faults that they invariably seem to insist on preserving.

I’ve tried four different types and have seen demonstrations of many others, including one where in order to release the sleeping infant you are to roll on the floor backwards whilst maintaining safety holds on a range of straps and ties (but slightly losing grip of ones dignity. With apologies – you know who you are!)

The principle problems I am dealing with are:
– backache
– a baby that likes to see out but not face out ie wants to be sideways
– a baby that nurses on my lap, adding to backache
– a baby that needs to be moved around a lot, eg for a nappy change, a feed, a stretch, etc

I’ve been contemplating this for some time but I think I’ve finally got a concept that could work. I’m considering hiring someone to make it for me using the corset making kit I bought for my wedding but never used.

It integrates the nursing, ease of access for the baby, and elements of the Milkmaids outfit as discussed in an earlier post.

Baby can go in the pouch
Baby can go in the pouch, which can be moved round to the side as well.
Pouch tightens from the front
Pouch tightens from the front. A basic design fault in many slings is that you can’t tighten them once they are on. Weird.
Pouch closes
Close the pouch

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