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Page 3 Sun Breastfeeding
Boob of the Day

The medical establishment is pushing hard to encourage breastfeeding, which is loaded with benefits for both mother and baby. However, it’s culturally quite difficult to get your swollen, blue-veined, leaking boobs out in public without drawing attention, causing embarrassment, or feeling extremely awkward.

It turns out it’s also difficult to establish breastfeeding; it’s quite an art form actually, and depends upon a delicate rhythmic balance between mother and baby that is easily disrupted, usually by external stressors such as criticism, bottles, or expectations and demands that a baby and Nature can’t meet.

Meanwhile we see bare bosoms all the time, presented in their pre-pregnant, pristine, pert condition, for the delectation of the males who apparently run pretty much everything; notably in the Sun on page 3, now subject of a campaign to Ban the Boob.

To marry the paradoci (iPad doesn’t think that’s a word but I am exercising my power to overrule the machine) I propose a Breastfeeding Position of the Day on page three, to encourage new mothers to take it up, educate the public, and remind men what boobs are really for in the first place.

14 thoughts on “Boobs on Page 3

  1. yeah great idea. I ended up getting pretty annoyed and feeding anywhere in the end as a backlash against the awkwardness. it was summer and the park was the nicest place. if you are struggling NCT and La leche league are great at helping too/ I really struggled with Joshi and now encounter people being rude about the length of time I have decided to feed him for he is still a baby!! what is it with people and may I say mostly women unfortunately.

    1. Yes I’m also getting much more attitude about it – but not reached the stage where people object yet. She is still very small and easy to hide under layers of cloth…but I do wonder of I am still feeding her in two years time will it be more problematic ?

  2. I’m so disappointed to read that the same problems are still experienced by new mums. My oldest is now 12 and attitudes towards breastfeeding in public haven’t changed one teeny tiny bit. I breastfed all my children anywhere and everywhere. In the park, walking down the aisle of the supermarket, sitting on the floor of the supermarket, in a restaurant, pub and the park. I generally had 2 years old as my cut off point for breastfeeding in public but there were exceptions – such as when my 3 yr old walked into a shelf in John Lewis and needed the comfort of his mothers breast! Do not be afraid, do not be ashamed. Whip that booby out and tend to your child. Other peoples opinions of you are none of your business xx

  3. Yes this would be fab! Especially great to show more unusual breastfeeding situations like tandem feeding; breast-feeding my twins together in public always caused to stir and was very indiscreet, I constantly got a barrage of questions about it, quite unnerving for a new mum!

    1. Wow that must’ve been tough… I have friend about to have twins, will offer to go out with her as a backup/defender to get started. I am getting a much thicker skin now but could’ve been easily spooked at the start.

  4. It’s not just men who need reminding of that nature intended women to have breasts in order to feed their young, women need reminding also. Furthermore not only does the media need to take responsibility for the anti-breastfeeding culture we now have in the UK, but so to does the so-called ‘beauty industry’ with its vultures, aka, cosmetic surgeons!

    1. Thanks for your comments, I agree it’s a problem with a lot of women too and I ought to have acknowledged that in the post…I was thinking of the intended page three audience as I wrote. As Jayne said in an earlier comment it’s often women who openly criticise the practice. Your woman on the train was in the right headspace, and I’m impressed with your response – feeding is hungry, thirsty work!

  5. I once sat on a train from Liverpool to London opposite a young mother. I only noticed she was breast-feeding when looking up from my paper-work, and only then because her baby was lying across her lap, face half covered with her jumper. My reponse? To offer her a drink as I was about to head to the buffet. She asked me to get her some orange juice, which I duely did! Given this was in the 80’s when the likes of page 3 was in its prime, I was so impressed with her apparent comfort in beastfeeding in front of a man who sat oppopsite, only a table widths away. Pity women no longer feel able to breastfeed in public, and that they have to endure criticism from not only men, but other women too!

  6. When you give birth you have to develop a very thick skin. It’s your body and your baby so do what you consider to be best for you. Whether you decide to breastfeed or not is your business…what other people think is their business. Good luck whatever you decide to do.

  7. its time the government acted in making baring the breasts an acceptable ocurance in public, weather for feeding, comfort or just for sunbathing purposes. the reason women have them is to nurture a child, not as a male plaything.As a naturist seeing a woman baring breasts isnt sexual, its just a normal thing and accepted as such by thousands of naturists the world over

    1. I’m totally with you on that. I feel at times that this need to cover up is similar to the need for many muslim women to cover their hair, so as not to disturb others. But that’s a whole other can of potatoes….

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