A Time Machine

A time machine
Having a baby makes one more conscious than ever of the passage of time

When you have a new baby people will become much friendlier and they are drawn to chat to you. There are a few standard things you will hear over and over again, such as ‘boy or girl?’, ‘ how old?’ And ‘you’re very new, aren’t you?’

Another thing I’ve heard a lot is ‘enjoy it, they grow so quick’ and in the early days of adjusting to this crazy situation it’s hard to take that on board. The days and nights blur into an interminable fuzz, your mind and body are reeling from the shock of birth, and this small creature is so utterly mysterious and fragile looking that one is urging her to grow up …so she is stronger, healthier, less terribly vulnerable and weird looking. I also find I am longing to have conversations with her, to find out who she is, what she likes…

But all those people who’ve had children say they forget..forget how small they were, forget how to look after a newborn, forget what they learnt and what it was like. They are reminded of a sense of magic, which is the aura around a new baby, a mysterious glow that spellbinds us and creates a hushed and joyous awe. This is the mood of the Nativity at Christmas, and children in particular seem to love basking in the golden glow of a baby. ,..but I digress…

The point is that the beginning of a life reminds us of the end of it, and of the simple fact that a life always has a beginning, a middle and an end, and this makes one hyper conscious of the passage of time, and takes us away from our immersion in our lives as they are right now.

And I am wishing her older, while others are longing to recapture the early days magic, so I think what’s required is a Time Machine so we can all fast forward, rewind, or stop at the point in time we are wishing for. Of course I have no idea where to start with making a time machine, so it’s more of a conceptual sketch representing the whirling sensation you’ll get when you use it.

4 thoughts on “A Time Machine

    1. funny to think though that everything you do with Tukku now will shape who she is in the future. I am amazed now Joshi is able to talk a little just how much of everything I do and say he takes in and processes. sometimes the responsibilty of this weighs heavy but then the next moment I am too busy playing with him to mind.

  1. I’ve just read all your December posts and I love your concept! This one is my favourite as it’s exactly how I feel right now, as my youngest baby’s just started walking and he’s my last, so I’ll never hold my own newborn in his Golden Egg again. That sounds rather maudlin – it’s not meant to be: every day brings a new joy. Happy new year!

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