Baby Bags Part II

Reusing a jumper to make a baby bag
She can’t wriggle out of this one!

One of the other things I can do (apart from playing on the iPad) whilst minding the baby is to hand sew small things. Naturally I worry about the needle hazard but this serves to put me on edge and the adrenaline keeps me awake and prevents mishap. (I hope)

So I have this bag of old felted jumpers that went in the wrong wash, among the piles of ‘things I will reuse one day’ and now there is a baby and I can use them to make little things for her.

I found a roll neck jumper and realised the neck would fit nicely around her body and the body of the jumper could form a warm bag so she can’t wriggle out of it, the way she does with blankets, which seem always to be in a ghastly chaotic tangle around her head.

When she outgrows it, it can either have leg holes cut in to make a warm over-nappy, or I can add a string at the top and use it as a storage bag for her ever-accumulating stuff.

It’s really quick to hand sew and I cut the jumper in a few minutes between feeds, nappy changes etc. I am on my third already and thinking of patenting ‘bag-a-baby’ and making a kind with a handle at the back to fulfil the brief of the previous post.

The arms of the jumpers make good arm-warmers or knee socks for me, but they could also turn into leggings for toddlers.

Toddler leggings
Toddler leggings

3 thoughts on “Baby Bags Part II

    1. The jumpers are a bit felted from being the wrong wash. I even bought one in a charity shop and it is felted enough to hold. You can get beautiful cashmere and angora really cheap!

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