Little scratchy hand gloves

Little scratchy hand gloves
Little scratchy hand gloves

I am breastfeeding my infant and she often pummels and tears at the breast as she feeds. This can be quite painful as her nails are sharp.

And Yes I bought the baby nail scissors but still her nails are sharp albeit a tiny bit shorter than they might have been…(how did people cope before the invention of baby nail scissors, I wonder…)

So then I thought !aha! Baby gloves!

Turns out they already exist, and straight away a dear friend dropped some round to our place having had two pairs no longer in use.

The problem is now that the baby wears them She looks rather odd, as if she has insane hands that have to be out in a sort of strait jacket. So I feel bad making her wear them and in sure it’s better for her to have full access to her fingers so I don’t really use them.

They will no doubt soon be cast upon the ever expanding pile of Things The Baby Doesn’t Really Need After All.

So we still have no really satisfactory solution for the scratching, but hey, my boobs are tough old girls anyway so it’s ok.

One thought on “Little scratchy hand gloves

  1. Or, looking at it another way, maybe you need a bra with the nipples cut out so baby can access the bit she needs but not damage your lovely breasts.

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