Baby Slings

Baby sling design
Baby sling design is still in need of improvements

Before the baby was born I tried out a simple sling in a shop. They even had a 15lb baby doll so you could see how it felt. It was so easy and seemed light and very straightforwardwith just one buckle.

‘Great! ‘ I thought. ‘Ill be about the house doing all sorts of useful things with my two free hands before you know it’.

Then I had a baby.

It’s taken me weeks to figure out how to use it, and I haven’t even started on the other two slings we were given …

The main problems seem to be that you can’t easily adjust them once they are on, yet the baby is constantly moving, pooing, crying, feeding and wanting different things, so constant adjustment and rearrangement is necessary; and that the support is mainly from the shoulders and upper back whereas I want the weight to carry on my hips and waist to reduce my now permanent backache. As it is, I still have to use one hand to support the baby.

I know when they are bigger it all (reportedly) works better but I am suffering now! So I’ve made a draft concept for a better sling.

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