Juggling Jelly

Baby wrap idea
Wrap the baby

Having a new baby feels like juggling jelly. I’m stuck on the sofa with just an iPad and one free hand most of the time, but my mind is full of ideas that I can’t do anything about. Then I found an app for drawing with your finger, so in an attempt to keep a grasp of my remaining shreds of sanity I have decided to start sharing these ideas for inventions to make the task of juggling jelly a bit easier.

In my addled brain these seem like good inventions. No doubt half of them have already been invented, and the rest are no good which is why they don’t already exist.

2 thoughts on “Juggling Jelly

  1. love your drawings and your ideas! I remember that’s when I first got addiction to facebook, reading blogs etc when I was stuck on the sofa with ipad in one hand and baby in the other. popping over from mumsnet linky xxx

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